Friday, March 7, 2014

Smart Studios, Rhinocerotic, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Fall Out Boy, & Garbage. What's up?

Live 2010 Reunion
Live 2010 part 2 154 (Photo credit: Photo:Brad Trick)
I was having quite the not interesting week, still promoting my latest album, when something odd happened....I was contacted by Wendy Schneider who started a Kickstarter campaign to make a movie about the famous Smart Studios in Madison. This was the studio that Nirvana recorded Nevermind at, Smashing Pumpkins recorded Gish at, Fall Out Boy recorded Take This to Your Grave, and Garbage used this as their home base. Did I mention Death Cab for Cutie? I feel privileged that she even asked for pictures of Rhinocerotic at the studio and hope that she is able to make and promote this awesome documentary. As a result of the picture request, all the former members of Rhinocerotic are now talking about making some music after a few years. What comes of it? I have some ideas, but stay tuned.....

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Strangest Things.

Live 2010 part 2 002
Live 2010 part 2 002 (Photo credit: timkorry)
Live 2010 part 2 134
Live 2010 part 2 134 (Photo credit: timkorry)
studio 2010 021
studio 2010 021 (Photo credit: timkorry)
studio 2010 019
studio 2010 019 (Photo credit: timkorry)
Live 2010 part 2 153
Live 2010 part 2 153 (Photo credit: timkorry)
IMAG0052 (Photo credit: timkorry)

After much consideration, I've decided to create a style of music. Create sounds like sort of a strange thing to say, so maybe we can call it a mix of two genres. Yes, we are still working on the physical released of Above the Snakeline, but pushing ahead into new territories. I am completing a country demo that will be due out this year and working on an extended electronic soundtrack instrumental type of project. I'm very much looking to record some heavy bluesy material with members of The Blacktop Kings. I've been playing with two of these guys often on since I was 18. Lots of irons in the fire right now, but I'm hoping that the heat will melt them into something groundbreaking and impactful. A possibility of a Rhinocerotic reunion? Well, not sure, but I know that two of the members will be working together on a new project due out soon. Stay tuned for more news... This stuff can go either way :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A New Way

The year started off with some interesting opportunities. Chances to play with the  Spirit Alive band, a chance to play in a strange variation of a U2 cover band, promotion of the Above the Snakeline album to be released as a physical CD in the next month... Not to mention the completion of a country demo and a big soundtrack project. The challenge will be time.....   The possibility of this new sideband, U3, is a really stripped-down U2 cover band featuring Timmy Wolf (Rhinocerotic), Tommy Wolf, and me. There is talk of covering material from George Michael to Lenny Kravitz as well as a few of my tunes. Three guys all acoustic really raw and spirited.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Release 10/31/13

After a summer of loud tunes, drama with the band Revival, and a much needed vacation to Nashville & the Smokies, we are finally ready to release my 4th solo album. It is a very different album in every way. Above the Snakeline is a CD two years in the making. It has developed and evolved out of a 24 song writing binge ala the power of the Holy Ghost. The album is a mixture of rock, world, electronic, and Christian themes resulting in a sonically diverse explosion of rhythms and textures. I'm really excited about this release as it is a departure from the direction of past works. Hey, if you don't continually change and grow musically, you become like the cheesy pop rock template music garbage that keeps me changing radio stations. Yes, Christian bands are frightfully like this as well. How many times do we have to hear lyrical cliches repeated over and over? (Hands & feet, city on a hill, Yadda Yadda)... Or a chorus of "whoa" over a chorus filled with toms and U2 ripoff riffs? Just food for thought. Some of us are still hungry. Hungry for something creative that can still praise GOD.
The inspiration and direction of this album was divinely inspired. I can't really take credit for it. Well, maybe on writing it down and recording it. I found myself playing certain parts of songs back and wondering how I recorded them. It seems like a weird cheesy thing to say but it's true actually. Everything seemed to move with the Spirit on these 10 songs. I'm thankful to GOD for the opportunity to be used in this way. Maybe some of these songs might be heard by someone that really needs to hear them. I don't know, but I do hope that people really enjoy them and rock out with positive encouraging messages. I know that the words speak to me when I really need to hear them.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snakes & Ladders

 Above the Snakeline has been through the final mix. We are currently working with a mastering studio. A lot of work went into this particular album.... About 2 years of experimentation & recording. The album started with an intense visit by the Holy Spirit which resulted in a writing streak of 24 songs. In the end, 10 were selected for this album. One tune actually didn't make the cut for the Between the Sun & the Moon CD, but was revamped and reimagined for this project. 
I'll have to say that this is the most adventurous project to date.  I've been working on a country demo as well, which is a complete departure from anything I've been involved in before. That demo may be released in 2014. 
In Revival news, two founding members have left the band unexpectedly. I am not sure of the reason but it really left the rest of us hangin with an important show next weekend. Revival 2.0 practiced last night and still kicked out the jams acoustically. We are playing a closed door event but it will be a great chance to witness in front of some troubled teens. It's like our Christian rock version of Fulsom Prison if you will. Looking forward to it and playing with people focused on rockin in the name of The Lord. 
Above the Snakeline is scheduled for release in October 2013!