Thursday, February 19, 2015

Riverside - Single#1
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This blues/dance/rock single was originally released as the hidden track on Music From Earth from 2006. It has been remastered and specially released to mark the beginning of a year filled with multi-genre releases by Tim Korry.

Slip into those bluesy gospel shoes and head on down to the river to wiggle your feet in the muddy groove.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

SINGLES - Not the Movie from the 90's

As things develop in the new year, and they are, I'm thinking of new ways to approach the "music scene". It would seem that the music "seen" would be the way to go over the traditional playing of corner bar dumps. Yea, every towns got 'em. Free beer is fine when you're 22 but it doesn't cut it for much longer. Making quality youtube videos will be a focus this year so to speak.. (video... focus...anyway...) Right now I'm developing an unusual concept for a Door's song with a dubstep style. Surprisingly it jives really well. Yea, you read it right (Wait til the next paragraph with the country part). Converging on some visuals that compliment the music has been a goal for awhile. You know, people used to dig music videos... Why not keep it artsy? There's enough flash, glamor, and other foolish stuff in videos of late.

We are currently working with a very talented Nashville engineer on our first country song. The working title is 'Warmer in Dublin'. It is a song written by Liza Korry and composed by yours truly. Not your average country tune... Think of mixing Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrisson, & U2. Looking forward to getting this one out there and we will with your support! There will be a single released every month vs the album release style. Trying something new this year. Multi-genre full sonic barrage on the way...
We are booking for shows and always looking for new opportunities. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Latest


2014 has been a bit of a musical rollercoaster with very few live shows, a remastered re-release, a benefit single, and a lot of planning for the year ahead. There are a lot of ideas out there I’ll tell you… We anticipated signing a management contract with a Chicago based company but that fell through. Recently our music was accepted by Peter Gabriel’s Cuesongs licensing. This will present the opportunity to license songs for commercials, movies, and games. I’m looking forward to this union and anticipating some great results.
I am currently in full swing and ready to mix my annual Christmas song which will be available free to anyone signed up on the email list. This song will combine full symphonic sound, rock and electronic influences, leading into a dreamy dubstep mix. I have recently built a green screen (low budget but useful all the same).  I’ll be releasing some visually interesting imagery in the new year and I’m eager to combine the artistry of music and the interpretation in video. This is an exciting and challenging area to be jumping into… in the meantime, keep an ear open for that new song and stay cool!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Snakeline V2

Just a quick update. Above the Snakeline V2, the ReMaster will be out soon! Thanks to the great work by Adam Wilshire from Sheffield UK. The new version will feature music that is more energized and explosive than the original. It will also contain bonus material! I'm also happy to say that Sleeping Bag Studios from BC has produced a fantastic psychedelic music video for the single Unconditional that will be released in days! The new dance remix of Light of Love, arranged by DJ Maxume from South Africa, will also be out very soon! A new steam punk animated logo for was just produced by a freelance animator in Romania. It seems like this project is coming together from all directions. We are still in talks with a possible management agency out of L.A., Chicago, and Madison so stay tuned on future live shows!