Thursday, January 10, 2013

And here we go - TimKorry Indie Musician Blog

Tim Korry Live
2013 Will be a year of change. The previous months saw the release of 'Strange Horses' a live and remixed retrospective, 'First Heartbeat' a Christian contemporary single, and a collaboration on a rap tune with the Classy Thugs due out soon. A majority of the year was occupied with the composition of a 2hr musical performance art event scheduled for production in 2013. Music from the project will be released as well in the near future as an electronic download. Initially the project was to be performed in 2012 but life happens and schedules adjust. I've decided to resume the indie musician blog after last year's  Ireland adventure. So, back to the glamorous life of an indie musician.
I played as a part time worship leader at a local church but have opted out as of this writing. It seems that churches are not immune to monetary and political sways and plays. There are however many new projects on the table for this year.
Shooting a video with Classy Thugs and contributing some tunes 
( possibly an acting part) in Empala's movie is in the immediate future. Finishing the 'Above the Snakeline' album and forming a praise and intense rocking worship band are on the horizon. There are a few country tunes I am hoping to release as well this year. Live shows will resume I. One form or another in 2013. There is never much time, but there is time to change.... This is the year and the path will be strange...