Friday, January 29, 2016

Expect The Unexpected, And Then You'll Still Be Surprised.

And there I was… at my day job thinking about all the crazy life changes in store this year. Some expected and some, I’m quite sure, unexpected. But isn’t that the way it is for everybody. This blog is very much like a diary of sorts… with pictures and a bit of audio visual here and there. A diary of an under the radar indie musician moving through the blessings of creativity and the challenges of the indie music business. There are a lot of real life happenings that pop up aside from the typical musical updates, and that’s fine. Hey, celebrities rarely let people in on their lives and experiences outside of the entertainment rags. I figured; let’s give this thing a shot as a blog with an unknown outcome, an uncertain avenue. Honestly, I’m using this as an outlet for script and sound and if you can dig it, that’s great.
I’m not politically correct, spiritually apologetic, and I don’t have an agenda aside from getting people to buy and listen to my music. I am a Christian, so if that offends you, then keep reading. I’ve been writing this “real life” blog for a few years now at , but now real life is getting more real if that makes any sense. I wrote a 2012 ‘In Ireland’ blog covering a 10 day trip through the Emerald Isle with a short acoustic set I had with some local folk players in Doolin, IRE  (really rough sound due to camera malfunctions). This year will bring another major travel experience possibly with another international short acoustic set.  This year it starts in the Philippines. Why the Philippines? Stay tuned and subscribe for future updates.
NEW SINGLE on the way 2/14/16!
Valentine's Day!