Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sacred Space


I met with a good friend to discuss a live show opportunity this week. He has a good amount of connections and is himself a talented artist and musician. I’ve been aching to play a live event. I’ve been in the studio recording for the last year pluggin away at some very experimental tunes. We are planning a night of Christian rock with some local bands at a church in the area. This event, if it takes off, could certainly develop into something ongoing. Hey man, anything is possible with the Lord’s grace and blessing.
Talk is continuing with the other members of a newly forming praise rock band. We are sorting out schedules, songs, and possible venues. We are no farther than this initial stage but continue to push ahead. I’ll keep you updated in the next two weeks.
I pray that these plans are all moving in the right direction and I do appreciate your prayers very much. Especially on the ‘Above the Snakeline” CD I am close to finishing. We are almost ready to mix but having a bit of technical difficulty on the title track. It seems that the song continues to evolve even this late in the process. That being said, it's time to step back and reflect on the direction of the music and the current opportunities. I'm still a rock dude but I've been writing and recording so much indie rock, Christian, country, and electronic instrumental music that I've been stuck in the studio. I miss the energy of a live performance (outside of church) and the loud guitars. I am trying to follow in the will of The Lord but am terminally very human all the same. Life is so hectic and the life of a musician is so erratic and trying at times. Sometimes we need to get back to our heartbeat....We need to step into the sacred space and listen to the Spirit. 

Sacred Space Pics Here